Grinding and polishing are applied to give the product a class look and to improve the surface properties. During grinding, gross damage or material structure is removed by decreasing material. Also grinding according to specified Ra (roughness value) belongs to our possibilities.

Grinding and polishing is often used as a finishing operation in stainless steel. Many different edits are possible:

• cut (in different grains);

• brushed or scotch brite (matte / semi-gloss);

• polished (high gloss);

Of course, a combination of different operations is also possible.

Through years of experience with grinding and polishing for inter alia yacht construction, interior design and pharmaceutical industry, we know what top quality is. Both in our workplace and on site we can do grinding and polishing work.If you would like more information, we would be happy to visit you and / or to do a free quotation without any obligation.