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Anchor pockets

Besides the grinding and polishing of anchor pockets, we also have experience in the mounting of half round protection profiles in and under the anchor pockets.
By three-dimensional digital measuring, we are able to shorten the production time at the yard. The anchor pocket can be produced totally in our workshop and can be mounted completely finished.

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We custom manufacture a completely stainless-steel stair.
We have the knowledge, experience, materials and equipment to customize a stainless-steel stair.
Our welders and fabricators assist our customers with quality work and quick turnaround times.
Our certified welders can build stainless steel stairs per your customized request and specs.

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For the Mega-Yacht building industry, we supply all the different types of mooring eyes.
They are tailor made to your requirements.

Fairleads for a single bulwark
Fairleads for a double bulwark
Fairleads with rollers
Fairleads with mooring clamps

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We distinguish two types of bollards, the bollards for the yacht industry and the bollards for the mega-yacht industry.
For the mega-yacht industry, we produce bollards according to the costumer’s specification. The welds are grinded before they will be high polished. This polishing will be done by hand to guarantee the corrosion resistance of the products.

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Oval stainless steel tube

Our Specialty is the production of high polished oval tube railing works. The standard sizes available are:

  • 44x29x2mm
  • 60x40x3mm
  • 90x60x3mm
  • 120x80x3mm

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With regards to Winter gardens and windbreak panels, really all options are possible.
We can do the engineering, production and installation of very different types of projects.

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One touch heli rail

Our latest invention is the One Touch Heli Rail, an
electrically driven foldable railing fore helicopter decks.
The system is specifically designed for curved railing.

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